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Association of Builders And Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) Membership Application Form For Ordinary Member  / Associate Member        Price : Rs.100/= LIST OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE APPLICANT COMPANY/FIRM.


  1. Application should be submitted under cover of Company’s letterhead saying that the application forms with requisite documents are enclosed for becoming member of ABAD.
  2. Request for Membership of ABAD should be duly signed by Director/Partner/Proprietor (only principal or alternative representative) and shall also be signed by two members of ABAD as Proposer and Seconder (whose dues are clear at the time of signing of documents and Proposer and Seconder with having minimum five years and two years standing respectively as member of ABAD).
  3. Sister concern of an applicant cannot propose or second.
  4. Members of Membership Sub-Committee cannot propose or second.
  5. Please fill in all columns/items of Schedule Nos.1, 2 and 3 of ABAD membership Application form and should be signed by Director/Partner/Proprietor (only by principal or alternative representative, as the case may be).
  6. The applicant for membership must own or have Registered Power of Attorney by concerned Authority of a commercial property of no less than 400 sq. yds. He must submit copy of relevant documents duly attested by a Notary Public to ABAD along with the application for membership. (Please provide attested photocopies of C.N.I.C. of the witnesses)
  7. Photocopies of National Tax Nos. Certificate of the Company / Firm or Proprietor duly attested by Notary Public.
  8. Please submit attested photocopies of Valid C.N.I.C (Newly Computerized National Identity Cards) of all Directors / Partners / Proprietor/Principal & Alternate Representatives.
  9. In case of Private / Public Limited Company, please submit:
  10. Memorandum and Articles of Association attested by company secretary
  11. Certificate of Incorporation attested by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  12. Attested Photocopy of Extract of latest Form ‘A’ or Form ‘29’ showing the list of present Directors duly authenticated by Registrar, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  13. In case of Partnership Firm please submit Partnership Deed duly attested by Notary Public.
  14. (Please provide attested photocopies of valid C.N.I.C. of the witnesses)
  15. Please submit two photographs each of Proprietor/All Directors/All Partners/Principal and Alternative Representatives of the company with application (women are exempted from this requirement)
  16. All pages of “CODE OF ETHICS” and “CODE OF CONDUCT” to be signed by Proprietor/All Directors/All Partners and company’s seal affixed on all the pages.
  17. Original Bank Certificate about sound financial position of the company is to be attached with the application. The bank certificate must show the status of the firm whether it is of Proprietorship, Partnership or Limited Company and the name(s) of Proprietor, Partners & Directors.
  18. The Undertaking is to be printed on the company letterhead and is to be signed by all Directors / Partners / Proprietor. (specimen attached)
  19. Every applicant must present himself before the Membership Sub-Committee for introduction.
  20. Please enclose Pay Order / Demand Draft / Crossed Cheque in favour of “Association of Builders And Developers”. Rs. 78,000/- (Rupees Seventy Eight Thousand Only) for Ordinary / Associate Member as per following break-up:
For Ordinary / Associate Member:
Admission Fee Rs: 15,000/-
Annual Subscription (3 years) Rs: 45,000/-
ABAD Building Fund Rs: 15,000/-
Research Development Rs: 3,000/-
Total Rs: 78,000/-
  • Decision of the Central Executive Committee of ABAD for a new membership applicant is final.

Download Membership Application Form (PDF).

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