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External Meetings 2023

S No Date January, 2024
1 10/01/2024 Asif sumsum and S vice chairman S Habib Fire safety meeting
2 08/01/2024 IBA visit
Meetings December, 2023
1 01/12/2023 Meeting DC SOUTH (Zeeshan Ullah)
2 04/12/2023 DHA City Inauguration Ceremony CHM Asif SumSum
3 12/12/2023 DC,East Meeting
4 21/12/2023 DC,East Office Meeting Fire Safety
Meetings November, 2023
1 30/11/2023 Build Esia Expo Visit
2 30/11/2023 Minister Visit SBCA
Meetings July, 2023
1 7/7/2023 Meeting with HBFC Official. Venue: FTC 3rd Floor main Shahrah e faisal Karachi.
2 12/7/2023 Meeting with SSP West Mr.Faisal Basheer Memon.Venue: Orangi Town Pone 5 Number. Karachi.
3 22/7/2023 Meeting FPCCI 46th Expo Award Ceremony. Venue:Sindh  Governer House.
4 25/7/2023 Meeting District Price Fixation Committee. Venue:Deputy Commissioner Karachi West.
5 26/7/2023 Invitation Export Trophy Awards Ceremony. Venue: Pearl Continental Hotel.
Meeting June  2023
1 5/6/2023 Meeting IGP Special Branch Sindh. Venue: IGP Office.
2 12/6/2023 NAB Meeting Lahore.
3 12/6/2023 Meeting with Lawyer Regarding AntiCorruption Notices To Abad Member's.
4 16/6/2023 Meeting Licencing Committee SBCA. Venue: Conference Room 1st Floor SBCA Building Civic Center Karachi.
5 16/6/2023 Meeting with Director Anticorruption. Venue: ACE Office.
6 27/6/2023 Meeting with HBFC Office Venue: HBFC Head office Karachi.
Meeting May 2023
1 8/5/2023 Meeting with Secretary Defence & D.G Cannt. Venue: Cantoment Board Malir Office.
2 11/5/2023 Meeting Office of the Chief of Commissioner IR, Regional Tax office-1 Karachi.Venue:Tax House , 6th Floor Conference Room, Regional Tax office Shahrah e Kamal Attaturk, Karachi.
3 18/5/2023 Meeting of The Scrutiny Committee.  Venue: BlockNo:79,Pak Secretariat Adjacent High Court of Sindh, Karachi.
4 23/5/2023 Prevention Committtee on Private Housing Sector Builders & Constructions Constitied URS 33C of NAO , 1999,
Meeting April 2023
1 6/4/2023 Meeting District Price Committee. Venue: Duputy Commissiner Kemari Karachi
2 10/4/2023 Meeting Contoment Board Executive Officer Faisal Cannt. Venue: Contoment Board Faisal Shahrah e Faisal.
3 10/4/2023 Meeting with RHO Militry Land & Cantoment Board Office.
4 11/4/2023 Meeting District Price Committee. Venue: Duputy Commissiner Kemari Karachi
5 12/4/2023 Meeting with D.C Maalir . Venue: D.C Malir Complex opp: Pakistan Security Printing Press Malir Halt Karachi.
6 13/4/2023 Meeting Regarding Contitution Of Committee For Updation Of Valuation Of Tables FO Property under SubSection 4 - IncomeTax Ordinance 2001" Venue: Committee Room 6th Floor Reijnol Tax Office.1- Karachi.
7 18/4/2023 Meeting with Cantoment Executive Officer Faisal Cantt.Venue: Office of Cantoment Board Faisal Shahrah e Faisal.
8 19/4/2023 Meeting Of Scrutiny Committee On Allottement Of State Land Meausring 5-00 Acers Construction
Meeting March 2023
1 7/3/2023 Meeting with Commissioner Karachi. At His Office
2 14/3/2023 Meeting Of Licencing Committee. SBCA For Grant Licences to Professionals Builder's & Develper's.Venue: Conference Room 1st Floor SBCA Building Civic Center Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi.
3 15/3/2023 Finland Pakistan Business Counsil & Embassy Of Finland Business Summit 2023" Venue: Sarena Hotel Islamabad. 4Cm, Mr. Arif Jeewa.
4 16/3/2023 One Day Conference on Sustainable Water & Treatment Technologies. ( SKEN ) Business Management Services. Venue: Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi.
5 18/3/2023 Meeting Complaint Sub Committee. With Ghani Builder, Squqre, Citizen Investment Corporation.
6 21/3/2023 Meeting of The Scrutiny Committee. Venue: Camp Office Situated At: Barrack -79 Karachi Adjacent to High Court of Sindh Saddar Karachi.
7 21/3/2023 Meeting with D.G.M.L. & C Venue: Head Quarter M.L.C. Rawaloindi.
8 21/3/2023 Meeting Holdon 21st Director Anti Coruption.Venue: Director AnitCoruption Office
9 24/3/2023 Meeting District Price Fixzation Committee. Venue: D.Ckorangi
10 28/3/2023 Prevention Committee On Private Housing Sector Builders & Construction Industries. Venue: At: Nab Karachi PRCSBuilding 197/5 Dr. Daoudpota Road.
11 31/3/2023 Meeting Cantoment Board Malir. Venue: Cantoment Board Malir Office.
Meeting February 2023
1 6/2/2023 Meeting with Governor Of Sindh & Administrator Karachi.Venue: Governor House.
2 20/2/2023 National Donors Conference For The People Of Turkiye " Destek" Venue: Nust H-12 Campus Islambad.
3 21/2/2023 Meeting Of The Scrutiny Committee. Venue: Board Of Revenue Sindh In the Office Situated Of Block No, 79 Pak Secretariat  adjacent To High Court of Sindh Karachi.
4 21/2/2023 Meeting Technical KDA Meeting of Amenty Plots Advisory Committee. Venue: KDA Office.
5 23/2/2023 Meeting CEC / REC At: Hyderabad \ Venue: D Matel Rohaan Faraz Villas Near Hashim Medical Ciity Main Bye Pass Hyderabad.
Meeting January 2023
1 10/1/2023 Meeting FPCCI Consultative Conference Of Chambers & Association. Venue: FPCCI Head Office Karachi.
2 11/1/2023 Industry Academia Roudtable Conference.At: Best Western Hotel Islamabad.
3 11/1/2023 FPCCI Meeting with Mr. Qiaser Ahmed Sheikh MNA Chairman Standing Committee On Finance & Revenue Of National Assembly of Pakistan.
4 17/1/2023 3rd Meeting Of Prevention Committee on Land Issues in District Gawadar. Venue: NAB Balochistan Shahrah e Gulistan uetta Cantt.
5 17/1/2023 Meeting with Defence Secretary & DG ML&C.Venue: Director ML&C Office Karachi.
6 18/1/2023 Meeting Of Licencing Committee For Grant of Licence.                          Venue: 1st Floor SBCA Building Civic Center Karachi.
7 18/1/2023 Meeting with Turkish Cousulate General Karachi.Venue:ST-18 Saba AVE Block - 4, Clifton karachi.
8 19/1/2023 Meeting DM & LC Standarlization of Building Bye Laws.
9 19/1/2023 Zoom Meeting With FBR ( DNFBP )
10 23/1/2023 Meeting with Core Commander Karachi Venue: Core Commander Office Karachi.
11 24/1/2023 Meeting Gov of Sindh Enquiries Anticorruption Establishment Services General Admininstration Coordination.
12 29/1/2023 Meeting Publicity & Awareness for Event NBP Commissiner Karachi. Venue: Nishan e Pakistan DHA Phase v Extention Karachi.
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